My experience with the Mulesoft Anypoint Platform

API Network (Image from Unsplash)

I am very excited to traverse the Mulesoft Anypoint platform. I have been in this space for a long time and always wanted to try it myself. I am super excited about this. Let's find out what the buzz is all about?

Image from Tenor

Let's start by visiting the AnyPoint Studio link. I clicked on the Free trial as I didn't have an account with them but you can skip this step if you already have an account.

Clicking on the free trial button will let you sign up for it. You can

Once you are signed up. Install Anypoint Studio by downloading it to your system of choice.

Now that we are all set, we will start by creating components that will help us call Bored API. 😃

  1. Create the below components. Listener, Request and logger.
Flow to consume API

2. Listener component is to create a HTTP endpoint which you can invoke to get data from the API. The listener has following configuration. We are setting the port as 8081 and you are free to setup as you like.

Http Listener configuration

3. Now lets look at the configuration of the Request component which is used to invoke external API. Notice the url below configuration — HTTPS:// The port is set to 443 as its https call. We are specifying the method as GET and the path — /api/activity.

Request Configuration

4. We have added a logger component for the program to log a predefined message everytime the API is invoked.

Logger configuration

5. Without further ado, lets deploy the application.

Mule application deployed successfully

6. To test this application, we will use Postman.

Postman request

7. The response from BoredAPI is being returned.

Postman return

I will be creating more APIs using this platform as I explore it further.

Image from Tenor

I hope you had fun reading.




Software Engineer passionate about Cloud, API, Data, and Telemetrics.

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Ashish Bania

Ashish Bania

Software Engineer passionate about Cloud, API, Data, and Telemetrics.

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